Khmer Kor Caramelised Pork & Egg (ខ ខ្មែរ)

Veasna's Cambodian Caramelized Pork Khor

Ingredients (គ្រឿងផ្សំ)

  • Pork (សាច់ជ្រូក) – 500g
  • Eggs (ស៊ុត) – 5
  • Garlic (ខ្ទឹម) – 5 cloves
  • Red Chilli (ម្ទេសក្រហម) – 2 small
  • Palm Sugar (ស្ករត្នោត) – 300g
  • Salt (អំបិល) – half tbsp
  • Fish Sauce (ទឹកត្រី) – 1 tsp
  • Water (ទឹក) – 2 cup
  • MSG – 1 tsp
  • Stock (ម្សៅសាច់មាន) – 1 tsp

This week’s video is a favourite in many countries across South East Asia. Kor, or Khaw goes by many names but this is my version, a sweet and savoury very comforting classic dish. As always vary amount of chilies to taste (mine is a bit spicy)

  1. Chop pork into chunks
  2. Add palm sugar to heated pan and stir until melted
  3. Add chopped garlic and red chilli
  4. Add water, then salt, stock, MSG & fish sauce
  5. Pour over the cut pork into a new saucepan, bring to simmer
  6. Hard Boil eggs then remove and peel and add to pan
  7. Continue cooking until flavours combined and caramelisation has occurred
  8. Serve with rice