How To Make Veasna's Khmer Pork & Lemongrass Sticks

Exclusive from Veasna in the Kitchen

Ingredients (គ្រឿងផ្សំ)

  • 300g Pork (សាច់ជ្រូក)
  • 10 sticks (ដើម) Lemongrass (ស្លឹកគ្រៃ)
  • 3 cloves Garlic (ខ្ទឹមស)
  • 50g Galangal (រំដេង)
  • 50g Turmeric (រមៀត)
  • 2 Small Red Chilli (ម្ទេសក្រហម)
  • 1 tsp Salt (អំបិល)
  • 1 tsp Stock (ម្សៅសាច់មាន)(For Garnish)
  • 200g Cabbage (ស្ព)
  • 1 Red Tomato (ប៉េងប៉ោះ)

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  1. Chop half of the Lemongrass, along with Galangal, Turmeric, Garlic and Red Chilli
  2. Add all of these to Pestle and Mortar and grind well
  3. Cut remaining lemongrass in half
  4. Chop pork until very fine
  5. Add Pork to bowl & add ground spice mix (‘kreung’)
  6. Add Salt, Sugar & Chicken stock to season
  7. Mix together by hand
  8. Mould meat mixture around lemongrass stalks
  9. Heat pan & add oil then add Sticks
  10. Keep turning in oil (using chopsticks)
  11. Cook until flavours combined and meat nicely cooked
  12. Serve and enjoy!
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