Steamed Dorada Fish with Khmer Style Broth (ស៊ុបត្រីចំហុយ)

Khmer Fish Soup in Nice

Ingredients (គ្រឿងផ្សំ)

  • Fish (Dorada) (ត្រីសមុទ្រ) – 1 (large)
  • Lemongrass (ស្លឹកគ្រៃ) – 3 sticks (ដំបង)
  • Galangal (រំដេង) – 100g
  • Ginger (ខ្ញី) – 200g
  • Shallots (ខ្ទឹមបារាំងតូច) – 3
  • Red Chilli (ម្ទេសក្រហម) – 2 (small)
  • Oyster Sauce (ងាវសមុទ្រទឹកជ្រលក់) – 1 tbsp
  • Salt (អំបិល) – pinch
  • Sugar (ស្ករ) – 2 tsp
  • Stock (ម្សៅសាច់មាន) – 1 tsp

I recently spent a few weeks in Europe and was fortunate to be able to spend some of this time expanding my food knowledge and cooking in kitchens abroad. Here is a variation on my Khmer Fish Soup made with delicious fresh fish in Nice and shared with friends over dinner at a close friend’s apartment near to Nice port.

  1. Chop shallots, ginger, galangal, lemongrass
  2. Heat pan, add oil and then shallots
  3. Stir well
  4. Add oyster sauce, salt, sugar & stock, then water
  5. Wash, then cut fish
  6. Add fish to pan and cover with ginger, lemongrass & galangal
  7. Add stock to pan over fish
  8. Slow cook for around an hour
  9. Serve when fish is cooked
  10. Best enjoyed family style with friends